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Paige messed with her pasta for a moment, just twirling it around her spoon as she listened to Eli's response. She nodded her head, smiling at him. "Yeah, I think it could be a good starting place for us." She said, looking around for a moment, just thinking about all of the time she'd spent here as a kid, learning how to cook and bake with her grandma, spending time in the garden and in the orchard. She looked back over at Eli, "I just think it's a good idea for us to have too many things on our plate at once. We can worry about finding a legitimate place once everything's settled with the bakery, but for now, I think having one less thing to worry about is a good idea." She said, looking down at her food for a moment. "Plus, I think we've spent enough time apart, doing long distance and everything. So obviously I'm okay with having you here." She said, smiling at him as she took another sip of her wine. She heard the timer go off for the turnovers and stood up, setting her glass down as she went to the oven to pull them out. She removed them one by one from the pan, setting them on her cooling rack, so that they could cool down some while she and Eli finished eating. 

Isaac let out a small sigh of relief, happy to hear that Patrick still had his leg. He could practically see Quinn let go of the load of stress she'd been carrying for a good portion of the day, and reached over to squeeze her hand gently. "I know that you've been stressing, so this is definitely something to celebrate. We'll wait to see what the doctor has to say about what recovery will look like for Patrick, but I think now is as good a moment as ever to take a deep breath and relax, okay? Patrick's going to wake up, sure he'll probably be a little uncomfortable and everything because of surgery, but he's going to be much happier, much more stress free than he was earlier because he's still got his leg. We should be too." He said, leaning back in his chair slightly. 



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